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Hydraulic components with large flow line and blockage-resistance design A monitoring practice B5 flange motors recompense the sealing of the lubricator cavity, A fully conditioned aegis safe keeping repress package trap for monitoring the venture of the pump, Automated coupling installing way with dual guides, easy for depot and usefulness of the grill, Inevitable mixing cesspool with more exhaustive blowdown.
WQ SEWAGE BLOAT Line up of Application
Hpplicable for chemical, petroleum,B14 flange motors chemist's shop, mining, papermaking, power inject, qdx submersible pump urban sewage treatment, village engineering and plain facilities to cope with sewage and feculence containing particles.
WQ sewage pumps are for the most part tempered to in the sewage drainage on the construction sites, the coal mines, metallurgy, printing and at death's door and textiles lines and so on. It can also be hand-me-down in clean d drainage and irrigation.
Advantages:self priming pump High expertness, energy conservation, strongsewage draining capacity, no stumbling-block, no winding and durability.
WQ series submersible sewage pump has reliable exhibit and best quality. It can be inured to widely. This series pump adopts some know-how technology, its building which can obstruct gallop and clog can undertaking effectively that the solid whit (φ 50mm- 125mm) and fiber such as cotton, weed can pass smoothly.
WQ series bail out can be acclimatized on assorted persistence such as deposit,deep well pump town engineering, convalescent home, caravanserai, village and slough gas tank to pump laical sewage and industrical pollution water. It is also applied to unguent distillation and irrigation.
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